Madagascar Wildlife Discovery Express Tours

This tour is a much shorter trip, featuring the highlights of Madagascar’s wildlife and habitats.

Set across 12 nights, you will visit Ankarana and the national parks of Montagne d’Ambre and Andasibe-Mantadia.

On this tour, you will experience the a full variety of the diverse eco-types in Madagascar. We visit the eastern rainforest belt at Andasibe-Mantadia, home to the special indri lemur and 11 other species. You will also see the isolated rainforest of Montagne d’Ambre in the volcanic massif with crater lakes and waterfalls.

A particular highlight of the tour is the visit to Ankarana. Here there is a 35km fortress like limestone massif, with deciduous forest, vast networks of caves and underground passages.

If you want to relax at the end, there is an easy beach extension to add to an amazing holiday. You can also explore the Sambirano forests in the north west which has its own extraordinary local wildlife and flora.

View a sample itinerary here and see more information on some of the places you will be visiting on the right.