The South

The semi arid south is Madagascar’s most unusual and beguiling region. It is also home to the most unique scenery and flora.

Most of the area is comprised of spiny desert, which is a harsh landscape made up of thorny octopus trees, interspersed with an assortment of drought-resisted plants, including the finger trees.

The local people of the region are well known for their colourfully elaborate painted tombs, especially the Mahafaly and Antandroy. Fine examples can be seen ain the Ifotaka spiny bush or along the RN7 near Sakaraha.

If you follow the route along the south coast, you will see huge expanses of white sandy beaches, usually empty as they are hard to reach, given that the roads in this area are just a path in the sand. The effort, however, is worthwhile.

The climate in this region is dry, with very little rain falling. The only period rain may fall is from January to March.