From swaying palm trees to traditional reed houses, from sparkling white sand to luxurious hotels.

Oman is a traditional country, plentiful in culture, diverse scenery and hospitable people. There is plenty to see and do whether you are on your honeymoon or on your family holiday, such as exploring the rich history in one of the many World Heritage Sites to shopping for Omani specialties in Muscat, the capital.

Tourism is well planned and slow paced. A must do on any Oman holiday is a desert drive along the sand dunes under the guidance of highly experienced drivers – an unforgettable experience.

We also recommend a night or two in the desert, staying at one of the attractive inland resort camps. Here, you’ll have the chance to go camel riding or try your hand at falconry.

The weather is slightly cooler than Dubai, with temperatures in the period December to March around 22°C, and then beginning to rise to reach a mid-summer peak of 35°C. Rainfall is minimal, although the winter months can see short sharp showers and occasionally high winds coming in from the desert.