Madagascar is a unique holiday destination, rich in endless diverse landscapes, bordered by the stunning Indian Ocean, with desert island beaches and tropical archipelagos and diver’s paradise in coral reefs.

With wildlife and plants found almost nowhere else in the world, Madagascar’s main highlight is what it can offer those seeking new and exciting species. Obviously the number one attraction for visitors to the island is the lemur and there are over 90 different types to spot. But Madagascar is also home to the world’s smallest and largest chameleons, an abundance of geckos and over 100 species of bird found no where else.

Here at Specialist Travel Consultants, our Madagascan experts are ready to tailor make your holiday specific to your wants and desires. We have premade tours for you to browse to give you ideas of what the country can offer, but these can be easily changed or mixed to your taste. We provide you with experienced drivers and English speaking guides to make your time at Madagascar magical.

We can also cater for you exploring some off the beaten track locations, such as Ifotaka, Masoala and Anjajavy, combined with stays at the more popular wildlife parks and beaches.

Tourism is so important to Madagascar to allow it to grow whilst conserving its natural resources and we support this entirely, which will ultimately enrich your visit with us.