The Caribbean

Relaxation, nature and activity - you can find it on our Caribbean holidays.

Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, the Caribbean offers more than stunning beaches. With beautiful sea scapes, mountains, hills and waterfalls to admire, the scenery alone will charm you.

The calm waters of the Caribbean are perfect for yachters to sail. But if your prefer underwater views and want a diving or snorkelling holiday, there’s a wealth of marine life in the warm waters for you to discover. And if you want a more relaxing holiday, you’ll find natural hot springs to soak in. Plus our collection of luxury Caribbean holidays offers a selection of spa sanctuariesand yoga retreats.

The Caribbean is a culinary delight for those after a gastronomic feast and our holidays have been chosen for their cuisine, service and local charm, with warm and friendly greetings from the local people.

A string of idyllic beautiful beaches, warm turquoise waters and spectacular hospitality make this region the perfect place for a luxury honeymoon. From the vast shores of Barbados to the private villas in Turks & Caicos, each island offers a romantic escape giving you options for where to spend this special time in your life.

The Caribbean is one of the best regions if considering a multi-centre luxury honeymoon.