Latin America

Latin American has a mixture of many cultural expressions worldwide and is therefore an extremely diverse area of the world to visit.

Home to the longest mountain range, the greatest river, the tallest waterfall and the highest volcanic activity, this part of the world is filled with vibrancy and variety wherever you go.

Latin America is a fantastic setting for our iconic tours, featuring luxury alongside adventure with the main aim of giving you a holiday of a lifetime.

Our tailor made Latin America itineraries can involve the country’s tropical rainforests, European styled cities, the indigenous villages, majestic deserts and ski slopes, made special with our hand picked luxury hotels.

Our expert South and Latin America team can guide you through Argentina to Peru, Colombia to Chile and Patagonia to Brazil. We can show you the ruins and artefacts of lost civilisations, the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest, or the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro and all its beaches and nightlife.

In addition to our popular itineraries, with our expertise, we can tailor-make an individual Latin America holiday of your choice. We will provide you with knowledgeable and experienced drivers and English speaking guides during your time in Latin America.