Beaches and Islands

The offshore islands of Madagascar are well known for their luxurious white sandy beaches and shimmering turquoise beaches, as well as the unique wildlife, including the variety of lemurs.

The islands are an ideal relaxation area for holiday makers after they have explored the Madagascan rainforests, or as an extension to an adventurous holiday, with forest hikes or cross country tours.

If you have a love of water, the islands around Madagascar are ideal for snorkelling and diving, with reefs teeming with exotic fish.

Time on these islands can be spent sunbathing under the shady palms, pottering around or exploring by bicycle. Deserted beaches are easy to find, complete with soft warm sand and clear fresh water.

Wildlife opportunities are frequent, as ghost crabs scuttle across beaches and frigate birds soar over your heads.

Many islands either have villages or are nearby villages, meaning the sight of dhows sailing by is the norm. They are typically filled with palms for thatching, grain or even cows and float just above the water. In the villages, you can see breadfruit trees providing shade to the bamboo huts and the zebu cattle grazing in the fields.