The eastern rainforests of Madagascar extend from Vohmar in the north east down to Fort Dauphin on the south east coast, in a discontinuous band.

This rainforest band, known as the Madagascar Sylva, once has no equal and to this day remains a superb treasure to many naturalists, as there are still frequent scientific discoveries occurring in the area.

A visit to at least one rainforest when in Madagascar is a definite must, to fully experience the great biodiversity on the island.

The rainforests of Madagascar are called home by the many different species of lemur, gecko, chameleon and bird as well as orchids and succulents.

The main highlights for Madagascan wildlife have to be the Ranomafana, Andasibe-Mantadia and Masoala National Park.

On your visit to Madagascar, you can expect to see the biggest lemur indri indri, the Parson’s chameleon and the tricoloured sifaka.