India and Subcontinent

India is home to a marvel of different sights and cultures, with many a wonderful experiences and highlights to discover on your travels.

Due to its vastness and varied diversity, India is a difficult continent to capture in a single visit, making it a popular favourite for our guests to keep returning to.

With Specialist Travel, you can experience the real India. Perhaps you want to be guided around the captivating city of Varanasi by a local Hindu priest, awaken your senses with the myriad of people who come to the River Ganges every day.

Those seeking adventure can explore the vast jungles of the country, taking an exclusive jeep safari into the Bandhavgarh National Park and keeping an eye out for the elusive Indian royal Bengal tiger.

India is a shopper’s paradise and it is a must to get involved in the hustle and bustle of a vibrant Indian market. We can offer you opportunities to explore on your own, or should you wish, with a private guide.

If you want to experience India’s rich culture, there are many Rajputs, mighty forts and opulent palaces in the colourful state, Rajasthan. Evoking long forgotten memories of a bygone era, you will experience sights and spectacles unique to India.

Why not go further afield and journey into the magical old kingdom of Bhutan?