High up in the Himalayan mountains lies the tiny kingdom of Bhutan, the sole surviving Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom.

Located between the Tibetan Plateau and India, Bhutan sites on the roof of the world, making it one of the most remote and pristine environments on Earth.

Snow capped peaks amongst alpine meadows merge into jungle filled valleys, with imposing dzongs fortress monasteries dotted across the landscape.

Falling from 7000 metre high peaks, the rivers of Bhutan have carved deep valleys, separated by mountain passes.

During your stay, visit Paro with the National Museum and ruins of the fortress Drugyal Dzong.

Another must is the capital, in the heart of the Thimpu Valley, with weekend markets where men and women in traditional dress sell carved wood and jewellery and hand woven textiles.

Journey over the 3000 metre Dochu La and you will arrive in Punakha to see the extraordinarily beautiful Punakha Dzong.

Take the time to explore the plain of ghosts, Bhumtang, a magical landscape in central Bhutan with blue pine, rhododendron forests, monasteries and temples. This area is ideal for trekking through with its valleys, lakes and spectacular passes.

Combine a stay in Bhutan with a stop in India, or take the time to explore this mysterious kingdom.